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Selling your Business

The time is right for you to consider selling your business, but is your business ready to be sold? Who will you sell to, management or a trade buyer? Selling your business will not be an overnight process. A successful business sale requires careful planning, it is possible, and even likely that it will be the first and maybe last time you go through the process so it is worth taking some time to get it right to maximise the value from the business.

The best price will be achieved by proper planning, which can take eighteen to twenty four months to complete. Without experienced advice you could be left dealing with unfamiliar processes and mishandle the process which will result in a reduced price.

There are many issues to consider prior to bringing your business to market; we have years of experience of guiding owners through the sale process. Once you are in a position to sell, our experience can help you to:

  • Assess a realistic valuation of your business;
  • Consider a suitable time to sell and create an action plan to help maximise value;
  • Identify suitable buyers;
  • Bring potential buyers to the negotiating table;
  • Negotiate the terms of the transaction;
  • Deal with the due diligence and legal process with your lawyer;
  • Consider the tax implications of the transaction.

It is never too early to discuss your ultimate exit strategy and issues within the business that may need to be addressed before bringing your business to market.

We can help you every step of the way with fixed fees agreed at the outset.

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