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Company Acquisition

Buying a business allows your company to grow quickly, is often an ideal strategy when you want to achieve a step change and rapidly expand your business. An acquisition can also help you to develop your product range, geographic representation and increase the quality of your people.

However, acquisition is not without risk and a potential acquisition needs to be carefully managed, both to protect the investment you make and to protect the stability of your existing business.

In uncertain waters, knowledge, experience and commitment count more than ever to guide you through to success. We have extensive experience of supporting clients in their growth and acquisition plans and can help navigate you through the process.

We will bring an advantage to the transaction by:

  • Helping you identify targets;
  • Guiding you on valuation;
  • Support you through the negotiation process;
  • Undertake due diligence on the target;
  • Consider the impact on your current business;
  • Assess the funding structure required to complete the acquisition;
  • Help you prepare a Business Plan to secure the required funding;
  • Identify and negotiate with lenders;
  • Manage the transaction and fund raising process;
  • Using our tax consulting team, structure the terms to deal with tax issues;
  • Help your solicitors create the sale documents;
  • And we’ll even help you celebrate completion – the drinks are on us!

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